Week Two Recap

Well at the end of another week here! Week two has been all about settling in, enjoying some great sights and ofcourse starting on the job hunt.

To start this past week I enjoyed the “Streets of Spain” festival which was held on the South Bank, and full of tents sampling all kinds of delicious treats and drinks. I opted for a glass of Sangria and a Chorizo Sandwhich. I was not disappointed in the least. I love that there was a festival like this just randomly popped up, and so easy to take part in. I think that will be the part that I enjoy the most about being in London. 


As Monday was the bank holiday, there were lots of people out and about strolling the South Bank. It was great to relax by the Tower Bridge and enjoy the sunshine. So far, the South Bank area is my favourite place to take a stroll or relax. I spent a couple afternoons here already! 


The rest of the week was a mix of practical items such as job hunting, and experiencing Oxford Street (where I sampled multiple cafes and discovered one of my favourites (so far) called Kaffiene). If I have not emphaized it enough yet, I LOVE the cafe culture here. It has been hard to restrain myself to only visiting one, max two, a day. But the bank acccount > coffee for now. Ha. Oxford Street itself was SO BUSY, but I did enjoy window shopping, and literally stumbling into Selfridges (how embrassng) but what I really enjoyed the most was wandering all the side streets along Oxford Street. 


I capped off the week with my first visit to the British Musuem (must return multiple times to encompass it) and as well first day trip outside of London, to Bath. Expect to hear more on that soon.


On the job front: I have had two interviews this past week, and am registred with an agency for any temp office work that may come up so things are looking good for only having been here for two weeks. I highly suggest looking into recruitment agencies to reigster with, as it looked like 90% of job applications go through them anyway. As well, I have created a profile with Reed.co.uk and used that as my base to job hunt and get in touch with recruitment agencies. Britbound will also forward your CV onto agencies that they work with. 

I have spent some time getting familiar with my home in Tooting. I have already decided on my favourite cafe for Sunday mornings, as well as a delicious fish n chips place and some local markets. Everything that I need from day to day is easily accesible here, and getting into Central London is quite literally a hop skip and jump away via the tube. 

All in all I am enjoying every second of my time here. Although at times I am hit with extreme surrealism that I am actually livingin London! As well, when I wake up in the morning, it is still with a bit of confusion and surprise. But then I remember where and I am and how much I love that every day holds an unexepcted adventure, even if that is just relaxing in the sunshine in my home. I expect things will settle down more once I start working, but even that will be a new adventure for awhile. 

– xoxo Veronica 


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