Exploring Camden

During my first week in London, I had the joy of discovering one of the city’s “hipper” areas, Camden Town. Once by night via a pub crawl and once on a busy Saturday afternoon. Both times were very enjoyable and I already cannot wait to go back!


So what is it about Camden that has me so excited? Well to keep it simple, it is just cool! Between the colorful buildings with neat oversized objects sticking out, super cheap market, delicious street food and great pub scene, I was easily amused and entertained.

My first introduction to Camden was through the Camden Pub Crawl. Thanks to an invite from some lovely Canadians I met at the hostel, I headed off with them on a Wednesday evening to attend my first ever pub crawl! So while I might be biased in saying this, I still must say that IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. The night consists of visiting five pubs, with the last being a club as well (more so on the weekends though), the cost is 12 pounds which includes 5 shots at each pub (of their choosing – ours was tequila and one bourbon) as well as drink specials that changed at each venue.

The pubs ranged from laid back at the beginning, to amazing live blues music venue in the middle and lastly to a pub-club hybrid built into a 200 year old converted horse hopsital. Filled with private rooms with stripper poles, as well as a jacuzzie that was yes, in use.

The pub crawl was well organized with some really fun and great leaders who made sure we made the most of it with our group. Ours had about 20 people, which was small but good for a Wednesday night. The weekend ones can get up to the hundreds! However, I enjoyed our little group, we had the best time and it was great getting to meet new people. There were some more Canadians, a few people from Spain, Brazil and a lovely couple from Texas 😉 All in all it was a great night and a grant adventure. If you find yourself wanting to attend a pub crawl while in London, I suggest the Camden Pub Crawl! 


A few days later, one of the Canadians from my hostel and I ventured back to Camden, first to check out the Zoo and then afterwards we wandered around the street, awe struck at the crowsds. We stumbled into the street food market, and I was sold from there on. After cruising through a few shops and finding the Amy Winehouse statue, we decided to head to somewhere a bit more quiet.But I would not have traded our afternoon there for anything! 



I was surprised by how much I loved spending time in Camden, considering I am really more of a Notting Hill type of gal, ha. But I guess something about the cool grungy chaoticness of the area appeals to be because I am already anxious to go back and explore more!

If you get a chance while in London, don’t miss out on visiting Camden!

– xoxo Veronica


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