Mini Stitch Explores the British Museum


A couple Fridays ago Mini Stitch got to visit the British Museum and see some really cool artifacts from centuries ago from different countries all over the world! The best part? It was free to visit! 



I am really loving the variety of free activities around London, particularly the musuems. The best part about this is, is that you can just take in pieces of the musuem at a time, instead of attempting to “see it all” and feeling overwhelmed. As someone who has a short attention span when it comes to exhibits and musuems in general, this is a blessing.

For example, I went into the British Musuem having no idea what to expect and became quickly overwhelmed with its capacity and also the amount of people in side. Along with a short attention span, I have a low tolerance for large crowds in small spaces. So I was happy to follow their “Top 10 Artifacts” list and occupy myself for a couple of hours.


My favourite was probably the Rosetta Stone. Such an amazing discovery, and was so neat to see in person.

Some other notable ones (for me anyway) were the Coffin of Henutmehyt, Parthenon sculptures and an Aztec mosiac turquoise serpent.

(I apologize for lack of pictures I thought I took them but I guess I just did in my head, all the more reason to go see it in person :P)


The top 10 list is a great way to see the highlights if you are short on time or like me, and have a short attention span. The only thing I would add as a must see is the “Enlightment” room aka a library even Belle would be jealous of!

The British Musuem is well worth a visit, short or long. 

– xoxo Veronica 


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