Bath in An Afternoon


Within in my first couple of weeks of exploring and getting settled in London, I already felt the itch to go on an adventure. I figured a mini one would be best at that point, and a day trip would be perfect. One of the first ones on my list? Bath! I was quite excited to take a day trip.

I quickly looked into getting there, and taking the National Express coach was much cheaper then the train and would only add on an extra hour so I choose that route. I have to say that the coach was very comfortable and prompt both heading to Bath and coming home. Easy and nice service to use. The journey was about three hours there and three hours back.


I headed to Bath for a Saturday afternoon and have to say that I quite enjoyed myself. An afternoon was the perfect amount of time (I was there for about 5 hours) to stroll the streets, visit the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and the Jane Austen Visitor Center as well as have some relaxing time in the town square with an ice cream.



After orienating myself I visited the Jane Austen Visitor Center first, and it was cute. Although quite small, there were some fun facts and a costumed guide for a little introduction before you explore the center on your own. The entrance fee was 11 pounds, I would call it steep for what little was in the center but I do not regret visiting, I enjoyed getting to read the excerpts from letters between Jane and her sister Charlotte, as well as learn some cool facts about Jane’s time in Bath. At the end you are greeted by a life like wax figure of Jane Austen.






 Next on my list to visit was the Roman Baths. I was told by a few people that they felt the Baths were not worth an actual visit and I am so glad that I did not listen to them! I loved my visit, and found it very fascinating. The walk through the Baths was interactive, with screens placed throughout showing “real” Roman people walking along, as if you are back in that setting. I felt turned into the past energies in there, and think it is so worth the visit. I liked getting the chance to sit beside the main bath and soak up some sun, finding amusement from all the people touching the water, despite the many signs saying not to! Also, at the end you can drink the water even if it taste kind of funny.


The rest of my day was spent enjoying the scenery and walking about. The town centre is very walkable with lovely scenery and architecture to see. Also the gelato? Delicious! All in all, a perfect little day trip. 

I look forward to taking many more day trips while here in London. There are so many wonderful places to see in this country. They are so acessible and are good for curbing that pesky travel bug when longer trips may not be feasible.

– xoxo Veronica


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