Month One Recap

Wow has it really been one month since I packed up, said my goodbyes, left home and took a one way plane ride to London? At times, it feels like the past month has just flown by and at other times I already feel like I have been living here for ages. One thing is for certain though, it has been an AMAZING month.

I am beginning work tomorrow and am happy to say that I am really excited to be working again. The past month off gave me time to settle in, be adventurous, spontaneous, selfish, impulsive and really time to just live in the moment. I have appreciated every moment of that freedom!

In this month I have gotten to explore many parts of London, attend some fun (and at times crazy) events, make some new friends, take a very impulsive trip to the Scottish Highlands & Isle of Skye (which is still hurting my heart a bit – but more on that later), adjust to English life (still a bit to go), start the process of making my home my own space, have the best massage ever, drink way too many flat whites, realize what it is like to truly miss my loved ones, experience my first bank holiday weekend abroad – Copenhagen!, and most importantly, wake up in the morning knowing that the day was entirely my own.

As I said tomorrow I start my first job here! It is an ongoing temporary Accounts Assistant role, that should keep me busy until the new year. I am quite excited to be taking on something that gives me new experience and responisbilites, and the location (by the London Bridge) is pretty fantastic 😉 Oh, and income is never a bad thing. My plan for the summer is to take numerous day or weekend trips around England (and farther out in the UK if I can manage) and enjoy all the amazing activities London has to offer. I do have exciting travel plans for the end of August though, so stay tuned. 

Coming up for the blog will be a second techincal post (featuring the job hunt, banks part two, NIN application, etc.), my indescribable Scotland trip, Mini Stitch Adventures and my long weeknd in Copenhagen! 

As always, if you want to hear about something particular before then, send me a message. I love to chat!

To end my month recap, I am now starting to grasp the fact that my something more than planned is no longer a dream and is very much becoming my reality. I look forward to sharing everything about it along the way.

– xoxo Veronica


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  1. You’re almost at month two!!!! I can’t wait to read more and of course join you on a few adventure over the next few years ❤

    oh and ps I’ve nominated you for a blogging award,Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award,

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