Mini Stitch Visits the Natural History Museum


Mini Stitch enjoyed the interactive dinosaur exhibit at the museum, it was his favourite by far.


A couple weeks ago, London was supposed to have a rather rainy day (surprinsingly 95% of my days have been sunshine filled so far!) and so I figured the best thing to do would be to visit one of the many free museums availabe. I decided to visit the Natural History Museum as I had planned on visiting it when I was at Astor Hyde Park (since I was right beside it) but it never happened. So this time I went, accompied by one of my new friends.


I was surprised at how much fun it was! It is a really interactive place, very different from the British Museum. The dinosaur exhibit had moving dinos, and screens that offered all sorts of games to play on and informationto read about. The other exhibits we explored were all the mammal ones, the cacooon (a 8 leveled structure that you walk down while reading about different bugs), a section that had an earthquake imitation, and also a really cool escalator that went into a giant earth.


As well, I have to mentioned the stunning arthicture of the building that the museum is located in! Just beautiful, especially with the sun shining down in it. 


It was a really fun visit and somewhere I highly recommend going! 

– xoxo Veronica 


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