Vee’s Book Nook: May 

This is a new series I thought I would start, at the end of every month. I am an avid reader so there is always one (usually a few) books up my sleeve at any given time. I think reading is an important part of life, but also a really great activity for travel! Whether its to occupy your time during transport, or part of your relaxing time during a trip, or my latest discovery, to keep you company on a solo dinner. SO without durther ado here is what I read this past month ….

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My go to series to read when I want either comfort or something offering a good escape, is always the Harry Potter Series. Always. So it was without a doubt my top choice to start with on the plane ride over and to continue with in my first few weeks of settling in.

There isnt much to say about it ofcourse. I will say that after reading it at least a dozen times, I still discover new things that add to the story, and the same lines still make me laugh and the same scenes still make me cry which is what marks a favourite book for me.

The story itself is so engaging which is the main reason that I LOVE to read it, and is my perfect comfort/keep me occupied book. This makes it great for plane rides (nothing better to do anyway) or for when sitting beside the beach/pool. Because it is so engaging, I do not recommend using it during short transport trips if you are not sure where you are going and need to pay attention! (Not speaking from experience by any means … :P)

All in all, I recommend the Harry Potter series for anyone looking for something engaging and enjoyable to read while travelling, no matter where or what kind of travel it is!

– xoxo Veronica


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