Skye High Tour Part One

As I mentioned in my bucket list post, I have wanted to go on this Skye High tour with Haggis Adventures for awhile. Once I realized it was unlikely I would be starting work in the middle of May, I impuslively booked this trip on a Tuesday evening with the departure date the following Monday morning. This also gave me areason to head over to Edinburgh the day before (as this is where the tour departs from). So first up in this little Skye High mini series is what I did in my afternoon in Edinburgh šŸ™‚


To start with the train ride from London to Edinburgh was beautiful. I loved looking at all the rolling hills and especially loved when we passed the coast.


I stayed at Haggis Hostels. I am not sure what I can say about this place. It was not what I was expecting, but my stay was not bad. It is literally across the road from the train station, in a building with three other hostels – each claiming their own floor. The staff were friendly (some of them much to friendly) and the place was clean and cozy, with nice showers, but there was not much to it after that. And then in the middle of the night I woke up to little bites all on my feet and arms, bed bugs? I am not sure, as nothing else came of it except for the couple of hours in bed. I won’t stay here again, I think there are far better options in Edinburgh.

I also found Edinburgh a bit hard to navigate this time around – perhaps I was just tired but it took me forever to find my hostel and the Haggis Adventures office – even with google maps. I attest that this was because there was no proper signage on either of these buildings. Anyway I figured it out eventually – ha.


I choose to just pick one quirky tourist attraction to check out and then spend the rest of my afternoon and evening walking along the Royal Mile. Walking the Royal Mile was nice, I enjoy just looking at the architecture of Edinburgh. Also I purchcased way too many post cards – they were all so cute The attraction I choose was The Real Mary King’s Close and it was really neat! !

It was a tour of an Mary King’s Close which was a narrow street in Edinburgh until the city decided to build over top of it, essentially shutting it in darkness. But before that it was a bustling comunity with a variety of houses and workplaces, where most people were really simple and lived in conditions that would not be acceptable now adays. The was a mix of real structures, ghost stories, props and historical facts all told with a costumed quirky guide. For the hour I was on the tour, it was entertaining and midly creepy!



Afterwards I went to a place called WINGS. Which you should go to – serioulsy. Over 20 different flavours of wings all with funny names, and super cheap. I had two servings of wings and a cider for under 10 Pounds. I am also glad I went here because I ran into two Canadian girls from my train ride and we had a lovely dinner together. One of my favourite things is making new friends in unexpected places!


After my lovely dinner it was time to head to sleep to be up early for my tour!

– xoxo Veronica


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