Skye High Tour Part Two

The first day of the actual tour started bright and early as I made my way to the Haggis Adventures office. After a bit of a chaotic set up, I got checked in and immediatly made a friend while waiting for the bus to come and pick us up. Once on the bus our guide, Jodie, and driver, Jamie, introduced themselves and then we were off and away, leaving Edinburgh behind to head into the highlands.


As we made our way to the our first stop, we played a bit of “speed dating” bus style to get to know one another in our little group of fifteen. It was a great way to start off the tour, and I think it attributed to the closeness that most of us had throughout our three days. I loved the encouraged social atmopshere among this tour, especially as a solo traveller (which there were quite a few of!) it made it really easy to make fast friends.

Our first stop of the tour was a town called Dunkel, and we stopped here to seee the Cathedral and have delicious bacon rolls!


After our little stop and snack, we headed to a pretty forest area and went for a little hike to a beautiful waterfall spot.


It was here that things got a bit chaotic as something went wrong with our bus, but our driver and guide handled it well. They got us back to Dunkel where we could have a nice lunch while waiting for our replacement bus, and then we would be onwards with the assurance that nothing would be missed on our tour. It was a set back, but it was handled with such ease that it was barely noticed. Plus, I got to have the most delicious mac n cheese at a pub with the prettiest of views.


After our delicious lunch, we got on our new bus and headed off to our stop which was a tour of the Dalwhinnie Whiskey distillery. The tour was neat and interesting, even if I do not think that I am a whiskey girl myself. Next up was a stop at aan area with three stone Cairns, that historians are still not 100% sure what these particular ones could have been used for.


We then made our way to our stop for the night. Which was Morag’s Lodge, in Fort Augustus. Right on the banks for Loch Ness.  This was one of the most adroable hostels I have ever stayed at. It was super cozy and comfortable. It was also here that I tried Haggis stuffed in a chicken breast, SO GOOD. We ended off the night with an epic pub quiz, where at some point table dancing to “Let It Go” and S Club was involved. How do you top that really?


The first day was a blast. The second day was going to be all about the Isle of Skye. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

xoxo Veronica


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