Mini Stitch Visits the Sligachan River


Legend says that in this area of Skye, there were two warring clans. And in order to stop the fighting, the King decreed that the clans must marry. So one of the clans picked their most strapping man available, while the other c thought to be sneaky and picked one of their women who happened to be disfigured. On the day of the wedding, the groom was so angered at this trickery that a battle was started. The bride was so upset, she fled the wedding and came to the Sligachan River. She spent hours crying into it, when finally, Elfin the fairie king popped up from no where. He asked her what was wrong, and she told him. He then pondered for a moment and decided there was a way to make her beautiful! He would enchant the waters of this river, and all she had to do was stick her face in it for 7 seconds. She did and she came out beond beautiful. After this happened, the groom walked by the river and saw this beautiful woman. The two quickly fell in love and lived happily ever after.

This was a fairie story that our guide told us on our Skye High story – just one of the many. I was so into all of these stories, but this one really got me. Afterwards, both of our guides told us that legend says that if you put your face in the water, you will be blessed with eternal beauty yourself. They decided to show us how it was done, after assuring us our turn was next. Well sadly, only myself and one of the other girls were brave enough to follow through with our promise to the guides to joinn in. It was a very cold day to be fair, but the water was not it was rather refreshing. As well to be honest, I forgot to take a deep breathe before so all I could think about was not inhaling water. I will never be graceful.


I told myself before I left home that I would be adventerous, I would be outgoing and do things I would normally shy away from. This was one of those (small) chances. I normally remain a fly on the wall and don’t draw attention to myself with people I do not know, but this looked like SO MUCH FUN. It also makes for a great story and well, eternal beauty right? 😉


Isle of Skye brought me so much joy (which you will hear more about) and this was just one of those amazing moments I will never forget. 

– xoxo Veronica 

P.S. Mini Sticht was not brave enough. But he is so cute, he does not need eternal beauty. 


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