Skye High Tour Part Three

Our second day of the tour dawned bright and early with the majority of the crew recovering from the epic pub quiz from the night before 😛 Today was going to be all about the Isle of Skye, but before that we had a couple fun stops.

First up was a short stop to get an AMAZING view of Loch Ness. Can you get any more beautiful then that?


We also stopped at another location for some more shots and to do a “Nessie Dance” hoping to entice her to pop her head up at the very least. Just one of the many fun quirky things that the guides got us to do on this tour.


After this we drove for awhile until we got to make a quissential stop in search of the famous Harry Coo!


This guy was all about posing and strutting his stuff for the tourists.

Also on this stop we visited a bridge that inspired the author of Peter Pan to write about Neverland.


Then it was onto the Isle of SKye! I will let the pictures do most of the talking…



From the start of walking over the bridge to get to the Isle, to spending lunch time in cute Portree, to spending the entire day driving around the Isle and stopping at beautiful sights (some that were filming locations of movies like Stardust or some that had fairie stories attatched), to ending the evening with my new friends in a cozy pub with located in a village on the Isle, the day was one of my favourites ever. One I will probably never forget.


I saved this picture for last as it is my favourite. Everytime I look at it, I am reminded of how being in that spot on the Isle moved my soul even if just a little bit.. No words can actually describe the emotions being on the Isle made me feel and no pictures can properly portray how breathtakingly beautiful it was.

One day on the Isle was not nearly enough, and be assured that I will return.

– xoxo Veronica


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