Month Two Recap

Two months already since I landed in this beautiful country and have been living in this incredible city! At moments I can’t believe how fast time has flown, and then others I wake up out of trance barely believing that I am here. So I won’t make this too boring for you, as really most of this month has been about settling into my new job and other life things here, but just for fun here is how month two went down…

The biggest point of month two has been WORK. Wow – if I thought starting a new job was challenging, it is nothing compared to starting a new job in a new country. New people, new terminology, new software, new tax system, new rules, new schedule, new mannerisms and just a generally newness to EVERYTHING. To say it has been overwhelming, is an understatement (:P). Then throw in the fact that this role has been the most compelx I have ever had, and well, let us say it has just been a challenging month. However – a very good challenging month. I have come out of it feeling so rewarded for how much I have learned and overcome. The growth I have made professional wise in terms of knowledge and responsiblity is invaluable – and it is only the beginning! I am really enjoying the company I work for, and the people that I work with. The atmosphere in the office is one of the calmest I have seen, even while it is stressful and chaotic – it is still a pleasure to come to work everyday. (So far anyway ;P). Really though, who could complain with a view like this on their lunch break:


On the topic of challenges, I had my first breakdown this month. It started on the tube after a very challenging day at work. I came to realize that I would not be able to go home and share my tough day with my best friend or my parents. It was the first time I just really felt ALONE. The tough times are the hardest to get through. However, I gave myself some time to have that breakdown and then I woke up the next morning feeling all the better for it. It is one of the many challenges that I am sure I am set to face, but I feel like this month has shown me that I can get through it all because I want to be here more than anything.

Now for the fun stuff – what else did I get up to this month? 



Well I went on a huge shopping spree to get work clothes which was so much fun, I have spent time with some really awesome people, had dinner at some delicious restaurants and ate some amazing street food from Borough Market, taken a day trip to Oxford and Winchester, taken up some Bootcamp and Hot Yoga classes,  experienced a magical moment while visiting Tolkien’s grave, taken part in some amazing FREE London activities such as Pride and Prejudice at the scoop and West End Live, got a sunburn and have made some superb future travel plans.

I have also experienced a personal growth that has really come into focus for me this month. I know changes in yourself take time, and I still have work to do but I feel that I have gained a strength and overcome some fears. One of these strengths that I feel proud of accomplishing this month was pushing myself to become a bit more of an extrovert. Aside from wanting to get back to a healthier body (more on that and the “Heathrow Injection” later) , I have been attending bootcamp and hot yoga classes to force myself to become even just a little bit more outgoing. While these are activities I would partake in back home, it always started with a friend, I would never actually want to attend one on my own for the first time. So everytime I attend the class and not give into that little voice that tells me to stay home or turn around and go home because I feel too shy is an accomplishment for me. I plan on continuing this by attending more than just fitness classes. London is FULL of classes and courses of all types, most of them acccesible in a cheaper way through groupon and I want to make the most of it. My first one up is a coffee making class! Aside from the fun times it is also a very proactive way to meet people! 


I want to end with this picture, one of my favourites from the month. It was in this moment at the Pride and Prejudice play with the rain falling down and Tower Bridge in the background that I could feel my heart almost burst with love for this city and what being here has given me.

The simple truth is that I am the happiest I have been in a very long time because of moments like this. These are now ones that fill my life on a constant basis. They make me feel like anything is possible. Living in this city makes me feel like anything is possible. Taking part in this adventure makes me feel like anything is possible. My future is filled with nothing but brightness, who knows what is in store for me?

All I know is: Anything.Is.Possible.

xoxo Veronica 


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7 replies

  1. You are an absolute inspiration! It makes me so proud and happy to see you so happy and to hear about your personal inner growth. You are an amazing young woman Veronica!

    • Awe thank you! 🙂 Hard to imagine that I am the same little girl you guys had over for dinner who was too shy to say she didn’t like chinese food 😛

  2. This is just wonderful! When starting a new life like you have there are going to be ups and downs and it is very inspiring to see how you have embraced them all and grown for the experiences. I’m planning to do something similar; traveling and then moving to New Zealand on a work visa for a year. I’m excited and scared at the same time and only hope I can embrace the rollercoaster of change like you have! Thanks for sharing, this was so lovely to read.

    • Hello Angie, thanks for the lovely comment, I am so glad you enjoyed reading my little post. It is important to keep in mind that a journey like this will have all the ups and downs you can imagine and then some attached to it.
      New Zealand! How exciting for you! I have met so many lovely Kiwis here in the UK, they sell New Zealand very well! I am sure you will have the adventure of a lifetime, I look forward to reading all about it 🙂

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