Skye High Tour Part Four

Well the day has finally come, the last day of my awesome Skye High Tour with Haggis Adventures. You could tell the mood was a bit blue in the morning of our last day. I think it was a mix of tired, gloom from the rain and sadness at leaving the isle and eachother (or at least I like to think so ;P). However, as sad I was for it to be over, I was ready to get back to my bed and sleep in. Three days was a good amount for a tour that ran at this pace. But before it was time to depart we still had a day of sights ahead of us!


The first part of the morning took us around to some fantastic scenic views of the highlands.


From there we visited a war memorial, and got to see the highest mountain in Scotland. One that a few people try to hike up every year – sometimes ending in fatalities. YIKES.


I have to mention a funny story here. At one point we passed a town that had pipes running down the hills and into the town. Jamie proceeded to tell us a story about how this time was used as a case study for fitness in Scotland awhile back. The institute initiating the study wanted to see if having every one in the town eat porridge every morning would lead to weight loss, so they used the pipes to pump porridge into the houses of every resident. The story was told with many numbers and factual statements, so the majority of us believed him. He was one of our guides, of course we would believe him! It was a few hours later when  one of the gals on the tour asked a question about it, that Jamie, in a fit of laughter decided it was best to make an annoucement to clear up his story, and ensure us it was not true. I guess we were a very guillable group? Ha, just one of the many moments full of laughter on this journey.


After lunch we visited Glen Coe (above). I won’t say much about this haunting yet breathtaking place that suffered a brutal history. It still makes me feel so so sad when I think about what happened here. But I think the pictures maintain a chilling beauty that represents the dark past.


One of the other reasons I love this tour company so much, if I have not named enough yet, our guides placed importance on individual and/or group desires. If they did not already hold a special place in my heart at this point, it was cemented when they stopped at the Skyfall filming locations SOLELY for me (how was I the only James Bond fan on that bus?) so I could snap a few pictures ❤



Our last visit of the day was the William Wallace memorial. It was a bit of a trek up to the memorial but the view was worth it!


After that it was time to take the final drive home, and soon enough we were pulling into Edinburgh and saying all of our goodbyes!


I will WITHOUT A DOUBT go on another Haggis Adventures tour. Infact, I hope to go on one or two in the next couple of years. Everything from our guides to the stops to the acitivities to the stories to the place to the bus was just amazing and enjoyable.


It was my first time on a tour while travelling solo and I will remember every second of it with fondess in my heart.

– xoxo Veronica


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