Mini Stitch Goes to Tivoli


During our long weekend in Copenhagen, Mini Stitch got to have some fun in Tivoli Gardens.



One of the main reasons I wanted to visit Copenhagen was Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli is an old style amusement park within the city. The park is filled with beautiful gardens, cute rides and more restaurants than one can count.



However I was sad to find that after an hour of walking around and snapping photos, I was bored and ready to go. For myself, I know that this would have been much more enjoyable to share with someone or a group of people.


So was it worth the price of the ticket for an hour of amusement? Maybe not. However I got some pictures and a very good reason to go back. Plus, PEACOCKS!


If you enjoy going on rides solo and can easily amuse yourself, Tivoli is worth a visit. If you are travelling to Copenhagen with a friend or a group of people then definately put Tivoli Gardens on your list!


– xoxo Veronica


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