Bank Holiday Weekend: Copenhagen 

imageEnland has many “bank holiday weekends” throughout the year and they are very good for going on weekend get aways to European cities. For my first bank holiday weekend I decided to visit Copenhagen! I had yet to visit a Scandinavian country, and after a bit of a debate I decided that Denmark, and specifically Copenhagen would be my first one. Seeing the Little Mermaid statue was definitely a big draw as well



To make the most of my time there, I decided to book early morning flights. This actually turned out to be a big mistake and have now decided that I am willing to pay the extra money to fly at normal human times then the alternate. Ridiculous hours may have worked on my first European adventure but dare I say, I think I am too old for that now, ha ha. Really though, I was a bit of a mess the first day because I was so tired and then second day I just kept dreading having to wake up at 3am to catch my flight home. So not doing that again. I mean, I was at the Copenhagen airport before it even opened! But one good thing from this was that I learned I am quite good at navigating myself through London on the night bus.


My first impressions of Copenhagen were that it was really clean, filled with friendly people, pretty and easy to navigate. I stayed at the Generator hostel, which had a great location. Just steps away from Nyhaven and easy to walk to all other attractions that I wanted to see. I thought the hostel was fantastic, it was really more like a hotel. The rooms were clean and very comfortable, the bar had great food and delicious drinks and best of all was the hammock lounge area. Great for reading and relaxing!


While I was here I went to Rosenborg Palace to enjoy the pretty grounds and building, as well as see the big collection of antiques and artifacts. Some really cool clocks and majestic fireplaces! I visited Tivoli Gardens, had a lovely leisurely breakfast with an epic cappuccino, went on a pretty and first ever canal tour, then took a lovely stroll in the sunshine along the canal to see the Little Mermaid statue, and finally topped off my time by having a delicious seafood dinner along Nyhaven.







I was in Copenhagen for two days, and I think that was enough time to get an overview and see that “musts”. It is quite an expensive city and I think staying there for a prolonged amount of time can have a large impact on your budget, but two days was alright to handle.

I did really enjoy my first bank holiday weekend abroad and am looking forward to many more!

– xoxo Veronica


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