Vee’s Book Nook : July

I go through phases when it comes to reading. While I am always reading something, sometimes I go on huge book binges and just devour as many books as I can within a short amount of time. July was one of those months for me. I decided to read two “philosiphical” books and two just fluff books.

Art of Power: This book is written by Thich Nhat Hanh, a monk from Vietnam who has spent his life advocating peace and happiness for the world. The book focuses on our constant search for power and how it corrupts ourselves and the world essentially. The book teaches that true power is internal, and the powers of our minds give us the ability to obtain all the we seek because we already have it. There is an emphasis on powerful practices which can bring forth this inner power into our daily routine, family and business lives. This practice in turn will give us the happiness that we truly want. The book is a mix of thoughts, mini stories and teachings. I found the book interesting and nice to read. I have tried to incorporate some of the practices into my daily routine, such as practicing mindful breathing and walking. However, I think to truly practices what the book teachers would take a lot of dediciation and it is not as easy as one may think to change generations of living and thinking.

All Over the Place: Written by Serena Clarke. I picked this book because the little description mentioned the main character meeting a mysteriously sexy American on the London Underground and then follows an adventure of a lifetime. Sounded perfect for a day at the beach or for a picnic at the park. However I was sadly disappointed when the book turned out to be nothing like the description. It was not a terrible book, but it was more about an emotional journey and finding love with your best friend blah blah blah. The book also moved at an odd pace, and was well really …all over the place …in terms of stroyline. I am sure the story was sweet, I just wanted to read something more adventerous.

Relentless: Written by Karen Lynch. This book is the first in a young adult fantasty series. I will be completely honest and say that I still love to read YA fiction, I am not sure I will ever not want to read it. It is just so nice once in awhile to read because it is complete escapism and sometimes you find a really good story in there! This happened to be one of those times. I started to read the book on my train to Edinburgh, and finished it on my train ride home the next day. I could hardly put the book down I was enjoying it so much. The story involves demon hunters that are part demon themselves, all things mystical even trolls, and ofcourse werewolves and vampires. The book moves at a great pace and keeps you wondering what happens next. The main character is not as predictble as some heroines in YA novels can get so that was refreshing. Now I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

The Hidden Brain: Written by Shankar Vedantam. This book freaked me out a bit, I should be careful on what I read. Anyway it is all about how our unconcious minds control more then we think. From our daily actions  to prison sentences to the stock markets or political decisions. The book is filled with stories from small town events to big ones such as 911. The author shows the role the hidden brain played in how the events transpired, and shows how in some cases, we have very little concious control over our actions. Scary.  Well that is all! It was a good month for books, I have not lined up my reading for August yet, sometimes having a fully loaded kindle is a hinderence instead of a help when it comes to selecting books. But I am sure I will find something good 🙂

– xoxo Veronica


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