Mini Stitch Visits the Sky Garden

 IMG_0681 IMG_0676

Mini Stitch enjoys some indoor nature and London views from above.


Once place in London that I really wanted to visit when I first got here was the Sky Garden! So imagine my surprise when I landed and NO ONE had heard of it. I expected it to be a big deal but I guess it was lost among all the other attractions.

Anyway it is an indoor garden viewpoint of London with two restaurants and a bar. It is free to view but you need a reservation, either through one of the food and beverage establishments or just as a visitor. Marie and I got a reservation for a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago.


The entrance is pretty involved for a little attraction such as this. You have to show your ticket upon arrival, as well as your passport and go through security. Once that is done you go through a big elevator to the Sky Garden.


The first level has the Sky Pod Bar and the outdoor viewing terrace. The upper levels have more of a “garden feel” and have the two dining establishments as well. You get an hour to visit but really if you are not going to have a drink or a snack, you will not need an hour. The area is quite small and after snapping a few pics of the London landmarks, there is not much left to do.

IMG_0680 IMG_0671

Yet it is still a good (and free!) way to pass the time and get some really nice views of London. And if you are in the mood … the drink list at the Sky Pod Bar looked pretty good as well.


– xoxo Veronica


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