Winchester Day Trip

Winchester has been one of my favourite day trips so far. It was not very far from London and it is small and walkable with an adorable village feel. What started out as a visit with Marie to see a replica of the round table, turned into an amazing day trip to be remembered.


Our first stop was visiting the Great Hall which is where the replica of the round table is held. It is assumed to have been built in 1290 for a birth celebration. It looked pretty cool and intimidating up on the wall in the gorgeous hall. Which also had a beautiful garden on the side.




After this we walked the town centre and made our way to the Cathedral – which was simply stunning. Due to a festival, we did not go inside the cathedral (I would like to visit again as Jane Austen is buried here!) but rather enjoyed the expansive gardens and the sunshine while eating a delicious street food lunch and amazing dessert!



The rest of the day was spent walking along a little river, hunting around the Wolvsley Castle ruins and hiking to a beautiful viewpoint.




This day trip was the perfect mix of activities and relaxing. I would love to return to Winchester just to have such a good time again.

– xoxo Veronica


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  1. Winchester is great isn’t it. Am I to assume that you are based in London for your travels? There are some good day trips from there. I love Brighton, Oxford, Stratford on Avon, Bath, Longleat, Bournemouth, Portsmouth Historical Dockyard. You’ll have to come again.

  2. Err…the ‘replica’ is actually the real thing. When you come back, if you come on the right day you can climb to the roof of the Westgate and get a shot of Winchester’s High Street. 🙂

    • As much I would love to believe 100% that this is the real Round Table, there is no real proof that King Arthur actually existed, so we can’t know for sure that the Round Table there is the original one…

      We will probably never know if it’s the real deal or something that has been made after being inspired by the legends 🙂

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