A Bit More of That Technical Stuff 

There is not much else in terms of the big technical stuff of getting set up here. I did have a different experience with flat hunting the second time around and lastly I finally registered with a GP.

Registering with a GP

Yay! Finally one process in this country that did not make me want to pull out my hair! You register with a GP based on your postal code. I just went to the NHIS website and typed in my postal code. This brought up a list of all the GP’s within my area and if they were selecting new patients or not. I choose the one closest to me, visited their website, printed off their registration form, filled it in, visited the GP, they checked my form and my passport and then voila, all registered and good to go!

The receptionist booked my appointment right then. When I arrived the next week for my appointment, I signed in on a tablet at the front, waited all of three minutes for my name and room number to appear on a bigger screen. I went to the room, chatted with the GP and was out within 10 minutes!

Coming from Canada, you can understand why this easy quick process was so strange to me.

Flat Hunt II

So as I mentioned in my last recap, I decided to find a new flat to live in. Somewhere in an area I wanted, sharing with a person or people closer to my age and somewhere just a bit cozier. Little did I know how much of a pain it would be the second time around.

I gave my current place two months notice, mostly for their benefit because I assumed I would have found a place within a week, maybe two. It ended up taking just over three weeks. I only used Spareroom again, and was pretty selective within the area that I wanted to live in. My specifics were probably what made it seem so difficult.

I looked at 5 places in total among the 3o message that I sent out to potential flats. I was offered the 5th flat and could not be happier about it 🙂

What made it feel so difficult was the length of time, and that viewings turned into interviews from the other flat mates, and I rarely heard back from anyone after the viewings – to me it is common courtesy to simply say “Sorry, we choose someone else”. Anyway it was not a fun game. However once I was offered the flat I am now living in, (in Brixton!!) all was well and I do not have to think about that process for quite awhile.

After being offered the room, there was a process with the letting agent where I had to pay a tenancy fee, fill out a tenancy application, submit references and wait for that all to go through. Then I once all the documents were signed, I paid by deposit and all was ready to go!

I have now been enjoying living in my new home for just over two weeks 🙂


There are many things that have been different from Canada in terms of just general life stuff, but I plan to tackle those in a “Differences” post because they are just little. Anyway, I hope my technical stuff posts have been helpful to anyone planning on making the move.

– xoxo Veronica


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