Vee’s Book Nook: August

August was a fun reading month for me! Re read an old favourite and read a really good book about King Arthur!


The Gardella Legacy by Colleen Gleason: We all have those favourite book series that we go back to over and over again for enjoyment and escapism. The Gardella Legacy is one of mine. I stumbled upon it in a  used bookshop a few years ago, and after devouring the first book within a day, I marched to a bookstore to purchase the rest of the series, which is a total of five books. The premise of the books is vampire hunters, think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets the Victorian era. However, unlike most fluff books, this actually has a great detailed story attached to it. With a well thought out history and complex characters, I never get tired of reading this series. The story does not always go where you want or expect, and I love how it keeps me engaged. As well, who does not want to read a book where the main female character can kick some serious butt and a book that features not one, but two delicious male interests 😉  I recently discovered the the same author has started a new series based in the same universe (although a many years later) and I am looking forward to reading that!

The Once and Future King by T.H. White: I was given this book on recommendation from Marie after our King Arthur themed visit to Winchester. I love reading any tales about King Arthur, and I love how each one always has a different perspective on how it all went down and which character really did what! Anyway this version covers Arthur from when he is a child all the way up to the very end. It is quite a humurous story, with lots of quirky allusions to the future or other literature. The book is told in five volumes, each covering a different and important aspect of the Arthur legend. The first book, the Sword in the Stone is actually what the Disney movie was based on, which I found highly interesting. Archimedes is just as funny as he is in the cartoon! I love Merlin as well, such a scatterbrained but wise wizard! What is really getting me though is the portrayel of Lancelot as such a sad and distrubing character, so different from the charming knight I see in other tales. Anyway, the book is a great read, I recommend checking it out if you are into King Arthur!

For September I plan to FINALLY tackle the Divine Comedy!

– xoxo Veronica


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