Month Four Recap

Month four! Ah! Time is moving at an alarming rate for me, I have absolutely no idea where this month has gone. However since I have no control over the speed of time, all I can do is make the most of it. Without further ado, here is month four…

This month was about rejuvenation and reminding myself why I am here in the first place. After my somewhat trying month three, things got back on pace in August and are looking brighter day by day.

The month started with a Grease Sing Along at the Camden Open Air Theatre, too fun! The crowd was really engaged with the movie, even a bit of dancing at the end!


Then the first bit of the month was all about moving into and getting comfortable in my cozy new flat, getting used to my new area of Brixton and getting to know my flatmate, including an adventurous trip to Ikea!

However by mid August, I definitely felt like I had to sit down and remind myself why I was here. Everything was beginning to feel so incredibly routine, work, eat, sleep – repeat. Which yes, it just a part of normal life HOWEVER I refuse to let my two years here just be that. So time to start making the routine exciting.


Starting off was a great weekend break away with Marie to visit Aly in Bristol, along with a side trip to Wales! The weekend away was the breath of fresh air that I so very much needed and I have felt better since. It was great to get some girl time in, and explore some new areas of the UK.

I also pulled an all nighter of dancing and drinking a few weekends ago with Nicole. Getting dolled up and going out for an evening was something I had not done since leaving home, so it was fantastic and sooo much fun. We quite literally danced the night away and are still laughing about the antics of the evening weeks later. 


I also turned 25 this month, which as you now know, was actually exciting for me. Aside from feeling excited, I also felt really lucky and filled with love. From my family and friends back home with their surprise cards and messages, to my new London friends who made sure my birthday was spectacular with surprise presents and delicious martinis. (Thanks Nicole and Michelle for the lovely evening 😉 )

Finally Month Four ended with a long weekend getaway in Iceland which was just as breath taking and beautiful as I imagined it would be!


I feel like I am back on my feet from whatever curveball I faced last month, and am so excited about what is in store. Expect hear about my weekend away in Bristol and Iceland, as well as a few other random bits here and there in the coming weeks.

Next stop for me is a two week tour of the Balkans! Something tells me Month Five is going to be pretty awesome 😉

– xoxo Veronica


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