CowShed: My Favourite Spa

I LOVE getting spa treatments. I went quite awhile in life without experiencing pedicures or massages. But then once I was introduced to them, there was no looking back. I think it is fair to treat yourself every once in awhile, and aside from that massages are just all around good for you.

I stumbled upon CowShed when I literally stumbled into Selfridges. A spa within a department store? What!

So when I got home I googled it and discovered that the brand had various locations within London. One of them was along Carnaby Street, which I really enjoy so I decided to book a massage there.


Boy was I not disappointed. The over location has adorable decor and a quaint theme. But the massage was one of the best I have ever had in my life!  As well, the price point was exactly the same as what I pay back home at my favourite Spa there. (Stillwater Spa – if you are ever in Calgary, check it out!).

I have visited CowShed for two massages and one ultimate pedicure. All three treatments have been amazing, with great service and a comfortable atmosphere. They also have a nice product line that I would be interested in getting into.

I will be returning for future treatments to be sure!

– xoxo Veronica


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