A Weekend in Bristol (Sort of)

imageA few weekends ago I got the joy of visiting a Canadian friend in Bristol, where she was based for the summer. It was a no brainer to take her up on the offer to visit for a weekend and crash at her place. Getting out of London was just what I needed at the time! And because the more the merrier, Marie came along as well.

Anyway, I say it was a sort of weekend in Bristol because we did actually spent all of Saturday adventuring in Wales, but that is for next post…


Our Friday night was getting the train to Bristol (a nice easy ride) and then after a good time setting up our camp beds, we snuggled in for some Frozen time, yeah! But we did spend all of Sunday morning and early afternoon touring around Bristol. Aly gave us a nice walking tour around the pretty city of Bristol. I have to say it has more of a European feel to it, and I love how it is laid out.


During our mini tour we climbed Cabot Tower to get some awesome views, including one of the Clifton Suspension Bridge!


We then walked to the harbour, enjoying a little street market while we did. After watching a few bungee jumpers, we climbed aboard the Matthew for some exploration and to enjoy some Canadian history!


After a quick lunch, we had to wrap up our time in Bristol and with Aly and head back to London. I have to say that taking little breaks from London gives you a chance to be much refreshed and to embrace the city in a much more welcoming manner.


With its proximity to so many other places in England, there is no reason you can’t escape for a day or two and get some fresh air so to speak, which is exactly what we did with our mini weekend in pretty Bristol!

– xoxo Veronica


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