Iceland Part 1: Reykjavik and Icelandic Horses

Iceland! I dreamt of visiting the land of Fire and Ice for quite a long time ago and I finally got to go for the August Bank Holiday! The least I can say is that I already have plans to go back next year…


I flew to Reykjavik on Friday evening, after work. After an uncomfortable and hot flight with WOW Air, I arrived at the airport quite quite late. With the city a 45 minute drive from the airport, I arranged a bus from the airport with my hostel. The bus was comfortable with free wifi, but it seemed to take forever with all the stops that it made so by the time I finally got to KEX hostel, I was knackered. After a quick check in, and hello to my roommates, I was fast asleep.


For my first full day in Iceland, I decided to explore Reykjavik and then take a horse back riding tour in the countryside.


Reykjavik was a pretty and very walkable city. I spent my morning and early afternoon wandering the main streets, trying out a couple cafes, climbing the  Hallgrimskirkja church tower to get some pretty awesome views, and then finished up with some (expensive) souvenir shopping.



I booked a tour with a company called Ishtar for horseback riding. Because I am not familiar with horseback riding, I booked their two hour nature comfort tour. One really nice thing is that they arrange a pick up and drop off from your hotel. Once there, you go through a waiver, safety video and quick explanation and instruction with the guides. After all the technicalities are taken care of, we get our helmets, and then meet our horse companion for the ride and make friends 🙂


The tour was awesome! The horses were very friendly and gentle, perfect for beginner riders. The guides were lovely as well, very encouraging and helpful. The ride was an hour around the countryside near the stables, which is mostly the lava fields. I really enjoyed this experience and would 100% do it again, maybe even on one of the longer rides!


So my first full day in Iceland was pretty relaxing and filled with new sights. I think that taking one day to explore Reykjavik is more than enough time to see what the city has to offer. As I will come to discover, Iceland’s real beauty lies in the countryside.

– xoxo Veronica


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