Iceland Part 4: The Blue Lagoon

When it came to my last day in Iceland, there was only place I wanted to be and that was The Blue Lagoon!


With its’ close proximity to the airport it makes for an ideal stop before or after your flight. It worked out best for me to go for a few hours before catching my flight back to London so that is exactly what I did.

Like every other tour I had taken, I had a coach pick me up from my hostel and bring me to the Lagoon.


The Lagoon has quite an efficient system that makes it really easy and enjoyable to visit. For starters, you book your tickets online in advance, with an aniticpated arrival time. Because I also booked a massage treatment, I got to go into the VIP line which meant skipping the longer regular line and also I got a fluffly robe ;). Once checked in, you recieve a wirstband which is your way to enter the Lagoon, your key to your locker and also how you pay for any drinks you want to consume while there. I have to say the facilities were also super clean! I was impressed with the immaculate changing rooms, showers and floors.


The water itself was lovely, with different temperature levels throughout the Lagoon, which makes it enjoyable for everyone. The smoothies from the swim up bar was really nice and my in water massage was divine! And just to have the beautiful blue water and scenery around makes it even better.


I really enjoyed how efficient the place was, it made it so easy to just relax and enjoy myself. (The only tip I can add is to really utilise the leave in hair conditioner as ithe salt water can really dry out your hair.)


Overall my few hours at the Blue Lagoon were amazing and super relaxing, I would visit on any stop over or trip to Iceland.

– xoxo Veronica


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