Month Five Recap

Month Five was pretty darn great, and it also went by in the blink of an eye! I attribute this to the fact that I spent over half the month travelling of course. Which means this recap will be a short one as you will be hearing LOTS about my Balkans tour in coming posts. 🙂

However, what I can tell you now is that it was amazing! I had more fun than I imagined, made some unexpected but incredible friendships and I experienced a Europe that was more bizarre and at the same time, more awe inspiring than I had ever experienced before. Aside from my tour, the rest of the month was catching up in work and doing some of my favourite London things,  including walking around Covent Gardens.


What also came to me in Month Five was affirmation that travelling is my passion and is what brings me the greatest joy. Travelling will always be a focus in my life, no matter where I am in the world. I will always be dreaming up my next trips, and planning for more then just my “two week annual vacation”. I am always the happiest I can ever be when I am travelling, enough said.

As well, I realized I am particularly happier travelling with people. After spending 15 days with 23+ other people, I realized how much I just do not enjoy solo travels but how much I LOVE LOVE travelling with people, even if it new friends. I thought that I would love solo travelling, and while it does have its merits – I have gone on enough little trips to realize I do not enjoy it. I will continue to travel solo if there is somewhere I just have to go and no one who feels the same, BUT if I can make it happen, you can be sure that I will either be joining tours or have a travel buddy in two 🙂

So now what? Well with acknowledging how much a travel orientated life means to me, I am working on a few ideas to make my lifestyle more travel orientated (while not being a full time traveller) lets say? I plan to spend the autumn and winter months developing these ideas into something concrete, while taking a few shorter trips abroad, and saving up for some potential big big travels.


However in the mean time, expect to hear so much about the Balkans. Such as beautiful Budapest, Serbian hospitality, raijika, Bosnian sausage, pleasant Sarajevo, bridge jumping, all of stunning Croatia, Dubrovnik (aka Kings Landing) site seeing, fortress climbing, Russian Montenegro beach resorts, sea organs, chasing fairytale waterfalls, post office parties in the woods, lots of gelato and truffles and best of all, so many laughs and good memories.

– xoxo Veronica


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