Vee’s Book Nook: September

I read a lot in September! Mostly due to my tour and plenty of reading time on the bus. I finally finished two books I have been trying to read over the past year, which was nice to accomplish.

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri: I FINALLY read it! After a couple attempts and fails, I read the entire poem on a couple bus days on my tour. To be honest, I don’t think I really took anything from it – at least not what I should have. But I feel accomplished in that I read it! Something about reading classics that make me feel good.

Clara’s Song by Kitty Margo: Another disappointing book bub purchase that sounded way better then it really was. What I thought would be a searching for a soul mate across time storyline, turned into a very juvenile story with a nonsense time travel plot. The base idea has huge potential but the storyline and characters have much developing to do before it would warrant me reading futher into the series.

The Wolf on Wall Street by Jordan Belfort: SUCH A GOOD READ! I really did enjoy the movie so this prompted me to read the book, which was even better. Jordan Belfort’s life is such a fascinating mess, and it was enjoyable to read it from his perspective, and he tells a great story. As well, I appreciated how honest he was about how horrible of a person he was and how much he has to atone for. Highly reccomend this read for anyone who even a little enjoyed the movie.

Vengeful in Love by Nadia Lee: After reading the Divine Comedy and before starting Wolf on Wall Street, I wanted some fluff reading to give my brain a break. This turned out to be a good choice! It was a fluff book but it had a good storyline with interesing characters, enough to keep me capitvated. If you like fluffy romance, this is a good read.

From Gods by Mary Ting: Ack, another bad book bub choice. I struggled to get through this story, as once again there was a plot with so many holes and general nosense. A fantasy novel about teenagers who are demi gods, descdenant from the Olympian gods who have now faded out of existence. However, what may have been interesting was just turned into a story about a teenage girl with her head in the clouds over a boy. Ah well, whacha gonna do.

Going to be sticking with some classics for October, stay tuned to hear which ones!

– xoxo Veronica


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