The Balkan Explorer Tour

My TopDeck tour to the Balkans was AMAZING! It exceeded my expectations in almost every way, which has prompted me to plan to go on more of their tours. But first let me tell you all about the Balkan Explorer tour.

The tour lasts 15 days/14 nights and visits 6 very different unique countries in that time. Most of which are in  the area of Europe referred to as the “Balkans”. We travelled along these countries by a comfortable Topdeck coach which was my second bed essentially. The itinerary was spaced to offer ALOT of free time, we had a local tour guide, half of the dinners were included (almost all of which were delicious), and accomodation was hotels which for the most part were decent. The max group size was 26, but this changed throughout the tour as there was an option to only do the first 7 days, the last 7 days or the entire thing. But at any given time, I was surrounded by amazing people!


The itinerary was: Budapest (x2), Belgrade (x2), Sarajevo (x2), mini stop in Mostar, Dubvronik (x2), mini stop in Kotor, Budva (x2), Zadar (x1), Plitvice Lakes (x2), Llijubliana (x1) and then finally the trip finished in Budapest.

To say it was a whirlwind would be putting it lightly! But the lack of sleep and blurry pace was worth it to see all these places. I must say that the Balkans was the most unique part of Europe I have ever visited, with each country being so unlike the other and offering incredible (and sometimes heart breaking) history.


I can tell you that my favourite place was Dubvronik, followed closely by Budapest, both of which I am looking forward to re visting next year.


The food was sensational! From goulash to cevapis to mussels and truffles. I sure ate well! Not to mention the enourmous amount of gelato that was consumed. Every 2nd dinner was included and the nights that were free, our trip leader always had a good recommendation


On that note, our trip leader was awesome. As a Croation history teacher trying something new, he did an excellant job. I learned so much about the history of this area, my grade 12 social teacher would be proud. He was also always involved in our fun and never short of a good idea or reccomendation.

I would overall rate the tour as excellant. I have some opinions which I will share as I come across the specifics in later posts. But there was nothing truly negative about it. So I would gladly recommend it in a heartbeat!


Stay tuned to hear about each stop in depth.

– xoxo Veronica


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