Tortuga Two Week Packing List

So as you know I purchased the Tortuga Air before moving to London with the intention of it being my trave luggage for my various trips throughout the two years. The Air is a carry on size bag specifically meant for long weekend to very short get aways, whic it has been perfect for so far!

However I deicded to test it out for my two week trip as I figured it would force me to be a lighter packer and a good way to avoid the check in fees for the airline. So what do you pack for a two week trip to the Balkans in a carry on only bag?


First up is toiletries and the like. I am getting better at packing less of this! Especially hair accessories and jewelry as I realized I rarely wear jewelry while travelling and my hair is always in a ponytail, ha. Anyway, I figure as long as it fits in my little toiletry bag then it can come with 🙂


Here is a all the misc stuff that fits in the top part of my Tortuga (you will see in a minute). Shoes, journal, camera, external charger ,sleep mask, towel, laundry bag and lock. Not featured here is my I-pad which fits into its only Ipad/Tablet pocket on the back of the Tortuga.


Finally came the hardest part, the clothes. I struggled with condensing this as there was quite a bit more I wanted to take but you know what? This was the perfect amount. I was able to do some hand washing in the hotel rooms so that kept the recycling of the clothes going over the two weeks, and I had an item needed for every occasion. I packed a mix of cropped yoga pants, summer dresses, t shirts, tank tops, shrugs, one hoodie, bathing suit and night dresses.


And this is what it looks like all fit snugly in there. The best part was I was able to close it without using the expander option so I had room to purchase a few things ;P

Stay tuned for a full review of my Tortuga Air Backpack and all it has to offer, featured on the Nerdy Disney Traveller!

– xoxo Veronica


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