The Balkan Tour Part 2: Belgrade

The next stop on our tour was Belgrade, Serbia. We left Hungary early in the morning and after a stressful border crossing, we made it into Belgrade by late afternoon.


Belgrade was probably the most interesting place that we visited on the trip. I am still not sure how I feel about it. It is still very much recovering from recent conflicts, and the city is new to welcoming tourism so it was strange to visit a place where sometimes we were not wanted. It was also very eye opening to visit a place with buildings torn apart or had billboard to cover bullet holes. I am grateful to have visited to show me how destruction still stands prominment in todays world and to appreciate how blessed my life has been. Travelling should include learning and growth, and I feel visiting Belgrade brought me exactly that. But I will admit that I struggled with not feeling welcomed, which is a typical priveleage of being a Canadian traveller, but I suppose we should be reminded that we are not adored by everyone.



While in Belgrade we went on a walking and driving tour of the city was a very knowledagble local guide. On the walking tour we visited a park and forstress, and we saw the Church of Saint Sava, which is being built based on donation only funds and when completed will be one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world.



During our free time in Belgrade, the lovely ladies I toured around with and I, decided to take an adventure through Belgrade and visit Tito’s Maseolusuem, which gave an interesting (if somewhat propaganda like) persepctive on the former president of Yugoslavia.


We then had an amazing (!) lunch at this random bistro we discovered on the corner of the street. It was too good to be true, I was quite convinced that when we left it would disappear into thin air …but I was able to snap up a picture before it did.



After lunch was a visit to the Nicola Tesla Musuem which was pretty cool, fun getting to see the Tesla coil!


The afternoon was ended with shopping and listening to classical street music. The whole tour group ended our time in Belgrade by having a delicious bbq feast at a century old restaurant with gypsy music entertainment! 


With no expectations or any idea what Belgrade would be like, it was an interesting stop on the trip!

– xoxo Veronica


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  1. Belgrade must be quite interesting indeed. So far, I didn’t have the pleasure to enjoy visiting Serbia, but it’s definitely on my list. Thanks for the review 🙂

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