Six Months in London!

Well a bit late, but better then never. My month six recap!

I can hardly believe that I have spent half a year in another country and in a city such as London. I dreamt about moving to the UK for years, and I patiently waited for those plans to become a reality for a year while I took care of all the paperwork and technicalities. Then I landed and blinked, and now it is six months later.


In the past six months I have met so many special people – most of which were met briefly during my travels with short but very treasured moments being shared. However, London has introduced me to a few wonderful people that have provided me with countless and continuous memorable days and nights while living here, that I can’t imagine having missed out on. To all whose paths I have crossed since landing here, know that I am so happy to have meant you.

The travel, oh the travel in these six months! Some days I feel like I have barely achieved my bucket list, (and I am coming to terms with the fact that I probably will not see it “all”), but then I can actually think on it and it is pretty incredible. Since landing at the end of April, I have taken trips to Scottish Highlands/Isle of Skye, Copenhagen, Iceland and Budapest & The Balkans, not to mention all my day or weekend trips around the United Kingdom which have brought me to Bath, Oxford, Edinburgh, Winchester, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Caerphilly and most recently, Cambridge.


And of course, with all these travels and adventures I have experienced so much culture in terms of architecture, music, religion, art and best of all, cuisine in these six months that I am filled to the brim with new experiences.

And oh how I have grown in the past six months. The leaps (and sometimes setbacks) I have made in becoming the best version of me I want to be, astounds me on a daily basis. Aside from the adventures, the travels , the friendships, and yes, even the cuisine :P, the best thing I can take away from this journey is the personal growth. Changing yourself and growing as a person is the hardest thing you can possibly do but I can truly say it is the most rewarding feeling in the world. Especially when when you can finally start to recognize the negative habits or actions you fall easily into and now have the power to pull yourself away from and stay “stop”.


To wrap it up, I spent my month six bonding with my co workers over “Clue Quest” (an escape game which enabled me to live out my Nancy Drew fantasies), celebrated two holidays popular at home but that are not that big here (Thanksgiving and Halloween), enjoyed the beautiful autumn colours of Hyde Park, survived my hardest hit of homesickness yet, stepped out of my work and onto a movie set/sspotted Rene Zellwager, crossed off a bucket list musical, shared the joy of pumpkin pie by baking it for my flat mate and co workers, tried out the coolest cocktail bar ever (think roaring twenties meets the glamour of the 40’s with flappers girls, can can dancers and live music), took part in my first pub quiz, unsuccessfully attended the Spectre premier, experienced my first away from home flu, and finally ended the month by dressing up as saucy witch and dancing the night away at a Halloween themed party on Oxford Street.






I have already had so many adventures filled with memories to last me a lifetime, and it is only six months in! At moments of reflection such as this, I simply just feel thankful that I took this leap into the unknown and followed my something more than planned. If the past six months are anything to go off of, the next are sure to bring me so much more joy.

– xoxo Veronica


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