The Balkan Tour Part Five: Dubrovnik

Ah Dubvronik! If any place was sure to capture my heart during this tour, it was going to be here. As soon as  we got within viewing distance of this beautiful walled city, my heart did a little leap.


I knew immediately that I found a place I could see myself returning too and never tire of how beautiful it was. It also helped that everywhere I turned I could see King’s Landing 😛

We started off our time in Dubrovnik with a walking tour of old town that really just consisted of gaping at the beautiful structures and pretty lights. This was followed by a pretty fun time at a bar drinking buckets, chatting and sometimes dancing. The night ended in search of delcious hot chips.


The next day was a FULL FULL day as there could not be a minute wasted. So we headed straight for the city walls first, before the sun started baking us to a crisp. Walking around the old city walls is a MUST for anyone visiting. It offers such amazing views of the city and the beautiful crystal clear adriatic water.





After the city walls we took the cable car up to the top of a mountain to get some different views. Then it was off for a seafood lunch and ofcourse ice cream, and dipping our feet in the water.



Next up was a Game of Thrones walking tour! Somehow, there was only four of us who were fans of the show on the tour (crazy, I know). Anyway so the four of us got our own little tour around the old city, with an amazing guide (Ivana Sepak with Franic-DMC Day Tours) that our Topdeck tour guide was able to arrange for us. She had lots of inside stories about the actors time in the city, and she was really funny with her Game of Thrones knowledge.

The tour took us around to different filming locations of King’s Landing. At each spot our guide would pull out pictures of the scene from the show so we could see how it looked and what changes were made, and then we had fun taking pictures reinacting the scenes! The tour ended with a picture on a replica of the Iron Throne.




 After my epic Game of Thrones tour, we headed to a cliff bar for a quiet drink by the water and for some, some cliff jumping into the water as well. Finally our time in Dubrovnik came to an end with a super delicious  seafood dinner and as much gelato as we could all consume.

As you can probably tell, I had an amzing time in Dubrovnik- but it was much to short. It is a for sure on my list to visit this coming summer, where I hope to explore the island Lokrum, eat some more delicious food and spend some time exploring the Old City a bit deeper.


Something about the stunning old town set against beautiful Adriatic that just captured my heat. Until next time Dubrovnik …

– xoxo Veronica 


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