London’s Variety of Classes

You will never be bored in this city, if you do not want to be that is. There is ALWAYS something to do, and one of those somethings is random classes! The options are endless, from fitness classes, to hobby classes and to techincal classes.

So far I have tried a few out, most of which have been seen or purchased through Groupon – what a handy little thing.

My first class was a hot yoga class! I loved loved hot yoga back home, so wanted to get back into it while here. My first hot yoga class was not that great – groupon sometimes can be tricky. However it did lead me to another hot yoga establishment called Yoga Haven in Clapham that I try to go to frequently…or as often as finances will allow.


The second kind of class I tried was a coffee tasting class! This was a great and cheap groupon purchase, in the lovely Hammersmith. The class consisted of tasting the spectrum of different espresso based drinks, watching them being made and learning the differences of each. It was taught by a Sydney coffee conseiur and occupied a nice Saturday afternoon.


Now this passed Sunday, I went to a ceramics making class with Michelle. Also another groupon purchase. Unfortunately, it was in a bit of a dodgy location – but we got there safe and sound. The class was a lot of fun, in three hours we got to learn three different techinques and make three different pieces. In 4 weeks time, we get to see if the pieces made it through the kiln and how they looked glazed, at which point we can pick them up.



I really enjoy in taking part of these different classes. They are so easily accessible and everywhere that it is a shame to not take advantage while I am here!

If you are in London and looking to do the same, I recommend joining groupon to get offers for classes such as this.

xoxo Veronica


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