My Favourite London Cafes…so far

London’s coffee culture is growing by the minute, and I have already found a few good spots to enjoy my favourite hot drinks. Aside from the good chains like Cafe Nero and ofcourse Starbucks, I am enjoying getting to try out the small independent cafes as well.

There is nothing like grabbing a flat white, finding a corner and reading my book. Here are my favourite three places to do so:


Kaffiene – This little beauty is located just off of Oxford Street, so anytime I am around there I make a point of dropping by. Australian owned, this cafe by far as the best flat white I have ever tasted as well as some really good treats.


Monmouth – I usually stop by the one located in Borough Market. Always busy, so this is typically a take away coffee for me. I love their drip process, as it is a unique way to enjoy a coffee beverage for take away. It always smells AMAZING when I walk by, so pretty hard to resist.


 Tartine – I visited this one in Tooting quite frequently when I lived there. It was a go to for coffee and breakfast. There was always either a cozy table inside or a nice spot in sun to have a relaxing Sunday morning, with coffee, fresh orange juice, yoghrut and granola and the most delicious croissants.

These are of course just my top three choices, I enjoy many cafes around London on a frequent basis.

xoxo Veronica


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