Vee’s Book Nook: November

I feel like I spent a lot of free time reading in November, which was nice. There is still nothing like getting lost in a good book.

Refuge and Rogue by Karen Lynch: I read the first in this series (Relentless) back in July, and as I said then, it was a good book. The last two in the series did not disappoint! The whole series was done well from start to finish, following Sara’s adventures in her world of demon hunters and mythic creatures. I liked best that Sara was all about taking care of business for herself and questioned love instead of using it as an aswer to all. 

Roaring Shadows and Roaring Midnight by Colleen Gleason: A continuation of my favourite Victorian vampire hunter series, The Gardella Legacy. This time the story features a great great grand daughter of the main character from the original series. And it takes places in Chicago during the roaring twenties. I can’t say it was quite as good as the original series, but I still enjoyed it.

The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas: After watching The BBC Three Musketeers Series, I felt like I should read the classic book, which I am currently still reading as it is quite large. It is much more humorous then I had expected, filled with lots of different adventures and antics of the musketeers. I quite like all the movie and tv versions of The Musketeers, so getting to read the original story is cool and becoming my favourite of all. 😛

That was November reading! December is sure to bring at least one or two Christmas themed books ❤

– xoxo Veronica


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