Month Seven Recap

November was a great month!  It was filled with wonderful moments and a feeling of peace that held throughout the month (and is still going).


I am unable to identify the moment or particular day where I noticed how joyful and at peace I felt with life, but I do know that this peaceful feeling is now my reality and I don’t want it to end. I have worked hard to bring myself to this point and it is going to be a reminder to me when life throws all its bumps and curves at me. I think that month seven is always going to stand out for me in my journey over here in the UK. It will stand out as a month of fun filled activities, joyous memories and happy living.

All of those wonderful moments I mentioned, in detail:



The month started off with attending the Christmas Lights Lighting on Oxford Street to kick off the Christmas season, which was really exciting to see and a good way to start the holiday season. Later that week I attended my first ever Bonfire Night celebration, which was a bucket list item realized, after years of hosting my own “Guy Fawkes” aka “V for Vendetta”parties. I got to try some really good food and beverage venues this month, one being The Real Greek on Bankside (highly reccomend for amazing greek tapas) and the other being The London Bridge hotel for mocktails, a little something different for Thursday after work drinks, and finally having a Sunday pub roast dinner! I went to my first ever ceramics class and got to play with some clay, we shall see how it turns out in a few weeks time, hopefully the pieces survive! I got to see two incredible movies this month, Spectre and Mockingjay Part 2. Both of which were AMAZING ofcourse. I took a weekend getaway trip this month to Porto with Michelle! While I will not spoil all of it, I will mention it was so much fun, full of relaxing strolls, delicious pastries and Port!


Last but not least,my favourite event of this month had to be going to see Love Actually at a Backyard Cinema event, which is the same event I went for to see Grease in an outdoor theatre. This time the cinema was located in Winterville, a little festival in East London. Marie and I went to the festival a bit early to sample the street  food and then before we knew it it was time to head through the wardrobe, make our way through an echanted forest to a cozy cineman playing Love Actually, which is one of the best Christmas movies ever.



The month ended with some Christmas shopping on Oxford Street (chaotic) and decorating a baby Christmas tree with my flatmate for the season. Just in time to get ready for the Christmas season.

I spent ALOT of time with friends. Whether it was dinners out, going to the movies, cozying up in pubs discussing all things life, or taking weekend getaways – this month was really about sharing wonderful moments with the brilliant people I have met here.

I have to say November was the happiest month yet, and I am sure December is going to be even better!


Photo credit, ownership, and copyright goes to my lovely friend Michelle, thanks for your brilliant photogprahy!

– xoxo Veronica


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  1. Glad to hear things are going well! I bet London is going to be beautiful for Christmas! I saw Mockingjay but haven’t seen Spectre yet…it’s on my to do list for Christmas break.

    • Thank you! London is amazing at Christmas time, the city just pulls out every stop I tell you. Both movies were so good, and now I do not have any major movies to look forward too :(.

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