The Balkan Tour Part Eight: Zadar

Ah pretty pretty Zadar! A place I could happily stay in for a few days and chill. My favourite spot would be sitting by the sea, listening to the sea organ.

We only spent a quiet evening here (after a loong day of driving) just walking around, admiring the architecture and roman ruins, watching the sunsent while listening to the sea organ and having a delicious truffle filled dinner.



The sea organ was designed by architect Nikola Basic, and it is the only one like it in the world. The actual structure of tubes is located below the steps with the result being random melodies produced by the interaction it has with the waves.

After a nights rest, we had the morning to spend in Zadar, so we went up a tower, spent a really mellow time reading by the sea organ and then Anita and I had one last amazing seafood lunch!



We may have spent enough time in Zadar in order to see what there is to see, however I could have happily stayed a couple more days.


– xoxo Veronica


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