The Balkans Tour Part Nine: Plitvice Lakes


The Plitvice Lakes was a big selling point of me choosing this particular tour. The destination was high on my Croatia list of places to visit, so having it built into the tour I was taking was perfect!


Before I show you the brilliant pictures of the lakes, I will share that we had a really great stop at a winery on the way their. It was my first time visiting a local winery and getting to enjoy a tasting as well! The tasting consisted of five delcious wines, one white, one rose and three reds. As well, we got to sample some tasty cheese, prosciutto, olives and bread. It was truly delicious, and I think each of us all bought a bottle or two to take with us. – This was a great little stop that Topdeck had built in.

After our winery we made our way to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, had a very relaxed evening in the plan to be up bright and early to explore the beautiful lakes!


The lakes are better described in showing you pictures, which I will leave  you to in a moment. Anita and I literally spent all day in the lakes, walking the full 7km loop around and it was so worth it! The only thing that may have made it better was being allowed to swim in the lakes, however I think that they would not be nearly as beautiful if that was the case.










As you can see, the lakes were outstandingly beautiful. I have never water that kind of turquoise before. What I loved most about the lakes was how pristine it was, and how everything that was manmade – felt at one with the nature around it. Such as the boardwalks built in, or the benches etc.

It was a brilliant and breathtaking way to spend the day.


Our time in the lakes ended with some drinks at the hotel, which eventually moved into a party at a random post office in the woods??? 😛 Either way, our second last day and night on the tour was one to be remembered!

– xoxo Veronica 


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