The Balkans Tour Part Ten: Ljubljana

Our last stop on this incredible tour was Ljubljana in Slovenia. I had no prior expectations of this city, and was beyond pleastenly surprised when we explored it. In one word, it was PRETTY! It reminded me of Paris’s baby sister.


I wish that we had visited it anytime except at the end. I was too tired and filled with thoughts of getting back to London, to truly appreciate this pretty and cool city. Plus, we only had one afternoon/evening here and then were off early the next morning. Not nearly enough time to explore and enjoy the cafe scence ;).



What we did have time for was a nice walking tour of the city center to see the dragon bridge, three person bridge and some historic landmarks, a stop at an amazing street food market with cuisine from around the world, a trip up the funicular to a fortress, and then the evening was ended with a delicious truffle pasta dinner and amazing hot chocolate.



Everyone was pretty toured out at this point so we certainly took it easy. I would love, love to go back here and get a redo! You never know right? 🙂


Well that brings my Balkan tour to a close! It was more amazing than I expected, and one of the best travel experiences of my life. Thank you Topdeck, Goran (our trip leader) and all the wonderful people I met on this tour, especially my dear roomie Anita for being a lovely travel buddy!

xoxo Veronica 


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