Christmas in London!

Another Christmas come and gone! Christmas is my most favourite time of the year, so I am always a little blue to see the season ending. I thought a post about Christmastime in London would help chase the blues away.





The Christmas season in London can be seen in every corner of the city.  From street decorations, to pop up carnivals, Christmas carols in the shops, ice skating at famous momuments, Christmas jumpers, store window displays, Christmas work parties/lunches, markets selling all sorts of Christmas carfts and ofcourse all the mulled wine! 


I think my favourite part was seeing all the Christmas trees around the city, from the big one in Trafalgar Square, to the beautiful one at my work and to our baby one in our flat. 





I also enjoyed visiting all the markets and carnivals. I was able to make my way to Winterville Carnival in East London, all along South Bank markets, Tower Bridge markets and even visited a Christmas market in York!  Each one brought delicious street food and far too much mulled wine or hot chocolate and baileys. 😛 


Of course, the biggest Christmas event in the city not to be missed was Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. With miles of Christmas markets, carnival rides and games, street food, cozy pubs and decorations – it was the perfect place to spend Christmas Eve with my family!  Winter Wonderland was free to visit – rides, games and some other attractions cost extra. But just walking around, listenting to the music  and sampling some food and drink by the fire makes for a lovely evening! 



All in all Christmas time in London was really special and without a doubt something to be experienced at least once in life! 


As well, after spending two Christmases abroad, it is nice to know that no matter where I am in the world, there are ways to celebrate Christmas just the way I like it with old traditions while incorporating new ones. 

– xoxo Veronica 


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