Brugge in a Flash

Christmas in Europe means Christmas markets, and a whole lot of them! I got to have a little taste of them on a whirlwind overnighter of Brugge.


The small trip was a Topdeck tour that took us from London to Brugge for a Saturday – Sunday get away. It was quite hectic, with the travel time from London and back occupying most of the days. However it was neat to get to ride the ferry from Dover to Calais! I just felt that I missed much of Brugge due to time restraints, and wanting to fully experience the Christmas markets. 



But it was worth it! The Christmas markets were very cute, with lots of adorable crafts to purchase and food to eat! Including all the waffles, sausages, fries and chocolate I could imagine. We really just spent the bulk of our time shopping and eating, but there was also some time to try Beglian beer. Like this delicious apple beer .


The best part of the weekend was just getting to see how adorable and quaint Brugge looked with all the Christmas decorations and lights. I could have happily sat in the square admiring how picturesque it was for hours. 




Oh and getting rock the Christmas jumpers 😛


I hope to experience more European Christmas markets!

– xoxo Veronica 


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