Kicking the Heathrow Injection


Before I moved to London, I was warned about “The Heathrow Injection” – which is basically what those who move here call the first *blank* amount of lbs that could be gained within the first few months of moving here. I threw it off as a joke more than anything. This is attributed to how much “heavier” the food is over here compared to Canada, but I think it also has a lot to do with the avaibility of everything with little to no effort required to obtain. Also a shift in any environment in one’s life can change how your body reacts. However, I just assumed that I would float past this “thing” and it would not affect me.

Until I started to notice a change in my figure, appetite and fitness. Then I jumped on the dreaded scale, and realized I had gained 20lbs in the six months of moving here. I weighed the most I ever had in my life and had a much different body image then I was used too. Time for a bit of a wake up call!

(Note, numbers mean different things to people so this is not my statement of what I think is good or bad for everyone, I don’t believe any one body type or weight is right, I think only you can know what is your healthy. And I hit a point where I knew I was no longer healthy or happy with what was happening. )

The main issue was lack of excercise, I had gone for a run here and there and attended a few bootcamp or hot yoga classes BUT nothing really stuck. Eventually I just resorted to my walk to work being my excercise and still choose to eat whatever I wanted. However by the time October rolled around, something had to change. I knew I was not interested in joining a gym, or incorporating a committed fitness structure into my life AND I did not want to put precious money into it, so I came up with some solutions that worked for me, are very cost effective and do not consume tons of time.  

I picked up runing, something I had been missing since the half marathon. London is filled to the brim with parks that are beautiful to run, it hardly feels like a chore. As well, there are countless run clubs and a race at least every weekend to take part in, if you wanted to take it to the next level. Then in addition to running, I purchased some hand weights from Argos, and started doing Jillian Michaels work out videos that are avaible on youtube. Both are very cost effective (mostly free) methods that I can do on my own time and can switch up weather pending.

The secondary issue was ofcourse my diet! You should know already how much I love food, and living here is foodie heaven, so for the first bit I just consumed all the food because it was just there! However, because I do want to take care of myself and have some fitness goals in the future (stay turned :P) I realized that perhaps it was time to revisit moderation and remember to treat myself instead of overindulge.


So with some simple changes in the last four months, I am well back onto track, very close to my pre England weight and body. Fitness has never been an enjoyed activity of mine, but I am recognizing how important it can be my life when I take it entirely out of the picture.

Not everyone experiences the “Heathrow Injection” when moving here, but if it something you are, know that there are many options available to kick it in the butt! Gyms are around every corner, fitness classes of any kind, parks galore, and ofcourse many at home methods as well.

Just one of the many things I have had a chance to live through during my London Life.

– xoxo Veronica


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  1. I had never heard of the Heathrow Injection before but if I end up spending Fall semester in England, I will definitely have to watch out for it, haha. I figure I will probably load up on all the sweets I’ve never had before in England and that will be a problem!

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