Month Nine Recap

I cannot believe how quickly January went by. Already one month of  the new year over, life really does fly by faster the older you get! Best to make the most of it!


 My time in  month nine  was spent  mostly  committed to work as it is a busy time of the year for the finance world. Not much time was left to think about anything else! When I  was not working, I was resting from the  busy December so I do not have much to report. However I did try to keep the January blues  at bay with a few choice fun  plans.

I got to spend some time at the cinema this month, seeing JOY and the Danish Girl. Both were movies that I am very glad I got to see. I loved JOY very much, it felt very empowering, and well Jennifer Lawrence! The Danish Girl is also a must see movie.


The highlight of January was a quick  weekend trip to Valencia! Michelle and I got to enjoy the Spanish sun and delicious food. It was a great chill weekend away. Most importantly, I got to try Valencian paella 😀 Probably my favourite moment of this month! 


Thanks to Michelle for the photo!


My last weekend of this month was spent on a very relaxed day trip to Portsmouth to get some sea air and me time. 



Then the month was capped off by a tasty Sunday lunch at Champagne & Fromage! A delicious bistro style restaurant in Covent Garden, with all the cheese  and champagne one could ever want.



Well as I said not much for this month, but lots of exciting plans coming up 😀 Looking forward to a February filled with fun activities and day trips!

– xoxo Veronica


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