Pretty Valencia


Valencia was a great choice for a quick getaway from London and the January blues. Sun, Paella, Siestas…what else could we need?


It turned out to be a very pretty and chilled city break. I could not help but notice the slow relaxed pace people moved at, it was very refreshing from busy London. Valencia also happened to be a much more budget friendly break than other cities I have visited which was nice.   


As it was a very chilled time, we did not get up to much. I really enjoyed just wandering the old town pretty streets, stopping for photos or to people watch. During the day the streets were filled with sun and pretty colors and then at night the city came alive with people and beautiful lights. We did spent time admiring the beautiful cathedral, orange trees and the all around architecture, walking the gardens and climbing one of the Torres to get some nice Valencian views. We did also make a stop on the way home at the City of Sciences and Art buildings which again was amazing architecture, this time modern but still just as breathtaking. 







And then the food…oh my word. Our first stop was to this AMAZING market, with huge vegetables, delicious fruits and CHORIZO in a cone! Then ofcourse the fresh orange juice, empadas and sangria. Finally the best part- authentic paella in a cozy little restaurant off the main path. Quite a bucket list moment for me, and I was not disappointed. 



I would go back here in a heartbeat. Add it to the places of future homes. I could have easily moved into a little flat above one of the many cafes and dug right into the relaxed lifestyle, siestas included. Please visit Valencia if you have the chance, you will not be disappointed! 


Photo credit, owernship and copy right goes to Michelle


– xoxo Veronica


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