Month Ten Recap

February has always been a dreary month  for me, for as long as I could remember. It is usually the coldest month  of the year and even though it is the shortest, it feels the  longest. The past few years I have been  smart enough to plan vacations during February which  has made the month  much more bearable.

And while I am on an adventure this year, without that vacation this month still seemed extra dreary. It was probably the coldest month of my living here, which is saying something coming from Canada. In general it just felt long and boring so I am quite ok to move on. Before we do though, I did have some fun this month with a night of dancing, finally seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a visit to Kew Gardens to see The Orchid Festival, lots of running, a lovely girls evening of shopping and dinner at Burger and Lobster (which is all they serve) and lastly a daytrip to Canterbury!





Aside from taking part in fun activities to make the month brighter, this month was also about overcoming my financial woes, quirks, stresses and issues. I have always been a bit budget happy and on the side of a money hoarder. Which is good when you want to build up a savings, but there is an extreme side of budgeting that puts you in a very tight corner and does not allow for life to happen. From living in this city I have learned how very important it is to allow room for financial adjustments. But through that learning, I have caused myself alot of unecessary anxiety. Then I stumbled upon London’s School of Life, which is a little bookshop that offers obscure classes on all things life. They were offering a “How To Worry Less About Money” class in February so I registered for it and it was great! I gained new perspectives and learned alot about what I truly value, and where my true anxieties lie. It was also really good to be able to have discussions about this with objective strangers. I was able to take alot away from the class and feel like I am working on being in a good middle spot of budgeting and allowing room for the unexpected. 

Speaking of classes, I finally picked up my ceramics pieces and these were the final products: 



Pretty pleased with the results. Finally, I ended off February with a binge watch of Fuller House, which if you ask me was a perfect way to end a dreary February :)I am looking forward to March, particularly because I will be returning to Iceland! This time for five days, with Michelle, road trip style. Going to be seeing a lot more of the countryside and chasing the Northern Lights! I am also ready to welcome spring with open arms.

– xoxo Veronica


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