Some London Eats & Drinks


My love of food is no secret. I am a foodie through and through. And being in London is pretty close to foodie heaven. There is always something delicious to eat at any time of the day, with any type of cuisine. Here is just a taste of some of the best foodie experiences I have had, and some of my favourites places to eat or drink.

First things first, is there are plenty of food festivals going on throughout the year. While I have only really attended a couple, they always look and smell delicious. Within my first week of being here I went to one of the festivals, that being Streets of Spain! Where I enjoyed this amazing chorizo sandwhich and sangria. During Christmas I ate my way through the all the winter food festivals, enjoying such delights of Mac n Cheese stuffed Grilled Cheese, Bratwurst, Buttermilk Chicken tenders, Bruschetta and Baileys Hot Chocolate.



 Aside from festivals, I have access to delicious street food everyday as I work near Borough Market. My first taste of the market was the Pad Thai but my ultimate favourite is the Ethiopian stand – please do try, you will not be disappointed!


Next up is all the restaurants.I have ofcourse only tried just a small small portion here, and most of them are chains. But they are really good chains, and while I support independant eateries when I can, the U.K. does chains well. Some of my favourites are: Real Greek, Wagamamma,  Franco Manca (Sourdough Pizza), Nandos (Peri Peri Chicken), Champagne and Fromage, Wahaca (Mexican), and Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Two recent non chain additions to my yum places list involve delicious and cheap brunches: The Putney Canteen and Three Eight Four in Brixton (£5 Pancakes and Coffee).





And then ofcourse there is all the delicious fish and chips, curries and the typical Sunday roasts.


Last but not least what would London be without drinks? Aside from the local pub, my favourites places for drinks: The classy Quarter Bar in the London Bridge Hotel for mocktails, the 1920’s themed Steam and Rye for popcorn cocktails, and the fun Dirty Martini for delicious martinis.


Clearly this is just a small fraction of all the amazing places there are to enjoy eating an drinking in this city. I have not even skimmed the surface of all the culinary delights. But it is just a little taste of what I have been able to try whilst here. If you find yourself in London, I recommend checking any of the above out.

-xoxo Veronica


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