Canterbury Day Trip


I have taken a fair few day trips in my time here in the UK, all of them enjoyable but Canterbury was my favourite by far! Everything from the train ride to the Cathedral to the people to the city center to the eateries and the shops, made me fall in love. If I had to pick a place to live forever in England, it would be Canterbury for sure. 


My main reason for going was to see the Cathedral as I had been told by many it was a must see. Train tickets were quite cheap at the end of February, so I packed up Mini Stitch and off we went, celebrating our ten months in London with a new adventure. It turned out that I could have used more than just the day there, but I did make the most of it.



An hour was easily spent wandering the stunning and impressive Cathedral. There is lots to see and many different areas to walk and discover on the grounds.



It was then time for a tasty lunch at a pop up pulled pork sandwhich place, followed by a wander along the Main Street and into a free Star Wars toy exhibit ha ha! Needless to say Canterbury was very walkable, and easy to wander the charming streets.



I always spend a part of my day trips tucked into a cozy cafe with tea or coffee and a book, and here I found one of the cosiest cafes yet! I spent quite awhile curled up in the attic turned cafe with a pot of tea, comfy cushions and a good book, my ideal afternoon. I ducked into the Canterbury Tales Musuem briefly, did not go fully in but it did prompt to be start reading the stories. Finally my day ended with some fun shopping in the well organized shopping center that is near the train station. There were many other attractions and museums to visit, one could not be bored here.


As I walked along the city wall to enjoy the view of Canterbury once last time, I really felt a joyful vibe  and made me thankful for the chance to get to experience days like that.

– xoxo Veronica


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