Month Eleven Recap

Almost, almost a year in London! I can hardly believe it. March/Month Eleven was not characterized by any major event or revelation. It was very much a downtime month that I think I needed. So this is a pretty short recap.

I did get up to a few things, such as first ever self defence class, lots and lots of running, Oscars watching, retail therapy, Hampton Court Palace, a macaroon baking class, and…a last minute trip cancellation.



Which resulted in a learning experience of how to get money back without having cancellation insurance and in an amazing relaxed four day weekend, spent eating good food, visiting friends, reading lots of books and some much needed couch time. It appears all the go and go had been catching up with me and boy was I feeling run down. This became apparent to me, when I could have gone somewhere else in that four day weekend and everything inside of me screamed to say no no no. So I listened and I relaxed.

Now I feel very energetic for the upcoming months! My major takeaway for this month is that everything happens for a reason. Even if we are not 100% sure of the reason at the time, it all becomes clear eventually.


On that note, looking forward to some adventures in April, sunshine and celebrating one year in London!

– xoxo Veronica


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