Sherwood Forest

This past Saturday I got to visit a much loved literary legend, Sherwood Forest! I have loved the tales of Robin Hood since childhood, and when I realized THE Sherwood Forest was an easy place to visit in the UK, it was a done deal. Even though it was a bit of a mission to get there, and a long day away from London, it was very much worth it.

I departed London very early in the morning and then took two trains, one to Nottingham, then one to Mansfield, where I then took a bus to Edwinstowe, the village located next to Sherwood National Park. Probably my first visit to what I would actually consider a village in the UK, it was quaint, quiet and adorable. However, I only spent a few minutes walking along the High Street to get to the actual forest.

My first stop in the forest was the visitor center which holds information center, gift shop, cafe and a cute (if a bit cheesy) exhibition detailing the legend of Robin Hood and how Sherwood Forest played a part. I was really stoked to see how much Robin Hood was acknowledged, and I even learned a few bits of information relating to his story.

Then without further ado I started on a 3.5 mile trek around the forest and into the forest to see the Major Oak, and various critters all around the forest, including a mole šŸ˜€ which I would like to think was Friar Tuck, saying hi. (Any Disney fans out there? :P)

My trek lasted around two hours and it was so so peaceful and serene. I only had a handful of people cross my path, otherwise it was just the forest and me. There was plenty of time to relax, think about some deep thoughts and just enjoy the quiet and fresh air. It was one of those rare moments where I was immersed in my surroundings and very much present. I had a hard time leaving, that was for sure.

Eventually I did leave, taking a picture of the church where Robin Hood and Maid Marian were said to be married, and then it was back to making my way to Nottingham. I spent a couple hours in Nottingham, taking in the castle and a few St. George celebrations as well.

The whole day was amazing and I am so happy I decided to take the time to visit Sherwood Forest, a moment I will not ever forget.

– xoxo Veronica 


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