Month Twelve Recap

One year! WOW. Amazing how time flies. When it comes down to it, I feel like I blinked and the year had gone by. I will be writing a post directed at the year in whole later so for now, let’s focus on what was April, my twelfth month here

April was a good month. Filled with a variety of activities, springy weather (for the most part) and ended with a weekend away.

Started the month off with a bang my doing a 10K Race in Regeants Park with my coworkers. Finished in my goal time of 65 minutes and was really proud of how well I trained for it! Was well rewarded with the hard work. Also was great to share in that with coworkers, and enjoy a delicious brunch afterwards.

Experienced a few neat new locations this month as well. Such as F Monday’s, a coffee shop literally steps away from me, with a little secret garden. Then also steps away from me, a little pop up pub called Beast of Brixton with an adorable setting and good drinks, then lastly a quirky hip basement bar that I can’t quite recall the name of but the decor really struck me as memorable, Campbell soup cans as light fixtures for one. I love that London has all these neat and undiscovered places for me to find. 

Also saw another musical this month, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Which exceeded my expectations. The set was very well done, good effects and adorable kids. Very glad I got to see that.

I had a great foodie experience this month with my first ever Brick Lane curry! Was so good and well worth the wait. Only now I want to go back all the time. And just for something random, had a squirrel sit outside of our windows (almost came into the flat) which I think was super cute and fun. Little moments like this, still get to me. 

The other two notable events this month which you have already heard about were Harry Potter Studio Tour and a day trip to Sherwood Forest. The last was my weekend away to Belfast which you will hear about very soon. 

Overall a great way to spend month twelve. Most of my time spent has become just a routine normal part of daily life, but I am grateful that I still get to experience some pretty epic and special moments such as the ones that occurred this month. 

– xoxo Veronica 


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